The Others…

There are your loyal client-base that you communicate with on a regular basis who are always interested in what you’re selling, what’s new on your market, and your product’s ability to ‘solve’ their regular, life challenges and problems (because a loyal customer remains loyal if you’ve already been able to help them). But what about those who feel that your products/services won’t solve any of their problems? These we will refer to as ‘The Others’ …

‘The Others’ are those potential customers who aren’t in your market (yet). They might feel that they don’t have a problem you could solve, or they might think that their problem isn’t great enough to warrant their time and money. They might also presume that what you’re offering isn’t good enough for them.  They haven’t engaged with you or any of your competitors yet so they’re not waiting for some fantastic deal. So how do you show them that they ‘need’ your help?

First rule of thumb says you need to stop advertising by comparing yourself to your competitors. They don’t really want to know the difference anyway, so you’re just wasting your time and energy on something that will get you right back to exactly where you are right now. Remember, these people don’t believe they have any issues to solve – and you now have to convince them that they do!

The human mind is an amazing place! Just watch politicians use propaganda and you will see how easy it is to influence the mind. It’s a skill you pick up, but for now you’re only trying to convince people that they need your services – you’re not doing anything crazy like trying to take over the world! So how do you sell to people who haven’t been ‘bought’ yet?

The trick is to get them to make a new decision based on new information. Show them a new side to you – and make sure it’s your good side! Powder up and convince them that they need you. A good idea is to pick out the ‘best’ kind of problem your product/service can solve and to make it sound ultra spectacular (say it like it is, of course!). So just for the record, the world needs loads of happiness, tons and tons of extra time, and even more peace of mind.

Offer these and you’re good to go. Sure as a beautiful bank account, ‘The Others’ will come. The best news for you right now though, is that we know somewhere you can find peace of mind and enough extra time to make yours the happiest business alive! We’ll locate these ‘Others’, and send them straight to you – and with beautiful bank account attached. Contact Digital by Design for all your digital business needs.

Look out for more business tips from Digital by Design. With 17 years of experience in business and the world of online, you can be sure you’re getting the best advice!

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Getting ‘Kinky’ With Your Customers

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to go to bed with them (that is, unless you’re a bed manufacturer). I’m saying that you need to start showing a little enthusiasm and appreciation. Rub your customer up the right way and you’ll win them over for life. Fluff up their feathers and show them a nonchalance attitude and you’re in for some serious debasement for all the world to see.

Customer Intimacy is a term used in marketing that refers to a company’s ability to create a relationship with a customer based on trust and loyalty. To know the name of the customer before he/she has to tell it to you is the starting point of building this relationship. Thanks to the internet revolution and social media (in particular) this very relationship has been moved up a notch – or two!

In addition to names and faces, you now have to know their likes, their dislikes, their lifestyle, their family status, all of their previous interactions with your business, their contact details; and most importantly they expect that you will know all of this because it’s all out there on the internet and all that’s required of you is that you make the effort to find it.

What was once good business practice has in fact turned into quite the cumbersome task of gathering and continuously updating a database of information – and there is no direct link between it and your profit margin! It’s about showing a good face and keeping that face clean. It’s about putting your best foot forward and showing customers that you have the upper hand over your competitors when it comes to showing your appreciation.

Imagine old Mrs Tanners surprise when she calls into the office about a complaint she made a few days ago. Unknown to her, all of her details appear on your database and when she’s greeted by name and confirms the nature of her call is, in fact, the very same complaint and she’s told about the status of her complaint before she can even ask about it you can be sure old Mrs Tanners’ going to be quite chuffed about the fact that she was ‘remembered’.

Digitizing your company means Mrs Tanners is probably not that old, and she’s also expecting to just confirm all her details with you. She now expects you to reply to her comment on your Facebook wall and apologise for her having to complain about anything in the first place. You will then contact Mrs Tanners privately and arrange to sort her problem out after which you will hope that she decides to pass a second comment on your wall about the great service she received from you.

How great would Mrs Tanners feel? We believe strongly in achieving customer intimacy with our clients at Digital by Design, and would like you to rate us as number one when it comes to hearing your needs and giving you the service you deserve!

For all of your social media needs contact us on 087-809-3221, check out our monthly DbyD eBook series:,  “Like” our Facebook page (Digital by Design), our blog  (, website (,  follow us on Twitter @DigitlbyDesign or simply email us at and don’t forget to check out our website to view our extensive portfolio and what we can do for you!  


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The Power Of Social Media Is In Your Hands This Earth Month

If you didn’t know – and you should have! –  Sunday, the 22nd of April was International Earth Day. What started off as an American phenomenon reaching out to the hippies of the seventy’s, Earth Day has now become the global stand on Environmentalism since the 1990’s. People are out there fighting for a cleaner, sustainable world to live in – one that will survive to see our children’s children’s children!

We all want this. We all want to be hippie environmentalists, chilling in the back of the VW Kombi on a picnic trip to the nearest park. We want to start recycling our trash cans, and eating less meat but at the back of our minds we feel that it’s just too much to keep up with such a lifestyle. We prefer our convenient lives where we can push the guilt to the back of our minds and our dirt to the bottom of our trash, and carry on with our rat races claiming we “just don’t have the time!” is standing firm on their belief that you don’t have to change your entire lifestyle! ‘Share’ the responsibility for your world and give just 1 minute of shower time up along with the rest of the Facebook users around the globe and we could all save enough water to fill 1,136,364 Olympic-sized swimming pools! – Just one of the many tips they’re encouraging social media users to carry out offline.

This is a not-so-subtle implication of how enormous the social media realm is! Its impact could be decapitating for environmental destruction if we only used it for the right reasons. And using it to promote environmentalism online is just one other way. Recyclebank has also added to its social media statistics that if each of Pinterest’s active members were to pin just one reuse idea a month, there would be 12 million new green ideas on the web! Needless to say, if we all did our bit and spread the word we could have a whole lot more Olympic-sized swimming pools to visit – just saying…

Join Digital By Design in our attempt to make the world a better place filled with daisies and sunshine and rainbows! Green is in  – but we knew that a long time ago! Become a model citizen of Earth and use your online business presence to promote environmentalism through social media. Let us tailor-make a campaign for you that will win over the hearts of puppy-lovers and get you on the side of good karma. Click on the green ‘d’ and you will surely find peace of mind…


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Nike’s new approach to their global marketing has had their competitors and fans alike wondering whether a new era in massive-brand marketing has come about. If so; is it working?

Nike is one of the few major sports labels that has truly embraced the digital generation. They recently changed their core target market to seventeen-year-olds, citing that the age group spends 20% more on shoes than their older counterparts. This shift in perspective has brought about an entirely new approach to their communication with their fans because marketing nowadays is all about communication. As Mark Parker (Nike CEO) said, “Connecting today is a dialogue.”

Nike launched the Fuelband, a wristband that enables sports-lovers to track their progress through an interactive website. Not only did the Fuelband receive massive success but it also spawned an online community that revolved around Nike bringing sports into people’s everyday lives. Another positive (and rather sneaky) benefit to the Fuelband online community is that it acts as a constant marketing survey for Nike products and Nike’s market, regularly letting Nike know what people like about what they sell and which sports are most popular.

In 2006, Nike+ was conceived. Partnering with Apple and riding on the wave of success the iPod created, Nike added yet another aspect to their online interaction. Fortune’s Scott Cendrowski explains it best:

Powered by a sensor inside running shoes, the service both monitors a runner’s performance and provides digital coaching. A voice lets runners know how much farther they have to go; the PowerSong function generates a musical blast for extra motivation. At the end, it logs details of the workout onto, where users can store and analyze the data, get training tips, and share workouts with friends.”

Another online community, another way to find out Nike consumers’ workout and behavioural patterns and musical tastes and generally another way to find out how they live their lives. Nike has perfected the art of getting in touch with the people that support them.

Nike realised that they had to go where their target market was going and talk to them on their level – basic marketing principles but it lead to a completely new brand personality for Nike. Their international Facebook page now has 8,938,010 likes. Their Nike Footballs Facebook page boasts a staggering 11,807,328 likes. The Nike Facebook app has 360,000 monthly users – that’s 360,000 people updating Nike’s market research every single month and that’s not even the entire picture. Their Nike Chance Facebook app has 250,000 monthly users and their Nike Free Run iD has 80,000 monthly users. A very impressive transition into the digital world and it shows that Nike really understand how the social networking world operates.

On Twitter, they have a slightly disappointing 377,367 followers. Then again, the tweets results page is constantly flooded with mentions.

In 2010, Nike really put their stamp on the social-media map when they hosted their ‘Write the Future campaign’. Operating from their Nike Football Facebook page, the campaign revolved around hearing what their fans had to say about their favourite football players. A tab on the page let users choose from a selection of internationally-recognised footballs players and write a 43-character tag-line. The most popular or catchy tag-lines were screened at a pre-determined time on the Life Centre, using an LED screen the approximate size of half a football field. Tag-lines could also be entered through Twitter, using the #NIKEFUTURE hashtag.

The campaign not only let Nike know who their fans’ favourite football players were but also used the idea of recognition as a reward instead of tangible give-aways, which probably worked better than any Nike package could have.

Not only did the campaign receive international acclaim for being innovative, edgy and modern but it also ensured Nike’s place as a big brand name in the South African market – a market that is too often neglected. Write The Future showed the world that Nike was in-tune with the new digital age that has lead many other international brands to miss out on the younger market.

Nike has now drastically reduced the portion of their marketing budget spent on traditional, off-line advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ve reduced their marketing budget in general. Rather, Nike has poured their funding into marketing that works now instead of marketing that worked before. They spent a record-breaking $2.4 billion dollars on marketing in 2011, the majority of it for their online interaction. Adverts for Nike now flight first on their Facebook stage, as opposed to the traditional way of putting them on TV and later making the advert available online. It’s an approach that other companies are often far too scared to try – but it’s working.

The world now awaits Nike’s next move. We’re all betting it will be a completely new take on the social media connection, definitely a topic of conversation and once again wow Nike fans and clients across the globe with its interactive approach and edgy design.

For more engaging insights, check out our monthly DbyD eBook series:,  “Like” our Facebook page (Digital by Design), our blog  (, website ( or follow us on Twitter @DigitlbyDesign. We’re always happy to make new friends!


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Facebook Timeline – Does Your Brand Need It?

Like a peanut butter and jam sandwich needs just the right amount of jam to take it from pleasant food to the most divine mid-morning snack; so, too, does your brand need a Facebook Timeline! Adding a new layer of flavour to your brand can only make it better. Kick your business up a notch with a Facebook Timeline for Business and you will most definitely eventually reap greater rewards.

So what’s the hype about this Timeline that’s getting people talking? If you already had a Facebook page that wasn’t getting you the traffic you were hoping for, read on. It’s time for change. Big change! And this change has come in the form of Timeline: Facebook’s most ridiculous marketing tool for business!

Here are just some of the features that Timeline offers:

Milestones – Show the growth of your business to all of your fans by placing important dates on your Timeline. They want to know how long you’ve been established for, when media articles were published about you, what great things you’ve done and when, your charity drives, your birthday and end of year celebrations, etc, etc, etc!

Cover and Profile Pictures – Yes, you get space for not one but two advertising images. The trick is to get them to complement each other. Everybody likes looking at pictures, so draw in your crowd with awe-inspiring graphics and you won’t go wrong. DbyD branding tip: Make sure your profile picture (in the bottom left hand corner of your cover picture) isn’t blocking anything – leave the left side of your cover blank or be creative about your over-lapping pictures.

Less reading, more pictures!! – Timeline has emerged as part of the visual generation’s aid to online business. Facebook knows just how much the virtual audience loves pictures. They allow you to now use this fact to your advantage by letting you highlight more than one picture in an album. Tell your story through pictures as you update them onto your timeline. Do justice to your brand by giving it a visual presence and identity!

App-titude – Showcase your apps on your Timeline. After your cover and profile picture, it’s the first thing viewers will see! DbyD app tip: Make sure your three best apps feature in the first line (after photos – which stand its ground and stays in its rightful first place). This way, the rest of your apps will get more exposure as viewers make an effort to check them all out.

About – The most important information on your Timeline should be found here – in clear view for all and sundry to see! Your website address, contact details, and most importantly, your calls to action should be found here. Remind people to Like your page, and offer a promotion if they visit your website. Use this space well and it could prove to be the hottest virtual property (that you acquired at no cost!) you own.

 If all this information is buzzing around in your head giving you a queasy feeling in your gut, we’ll be more than happy clear things up for you. Give us a shout out at our offices on 011 234- 4034, check out our monthly DbyD eBook series:,  “Like” our Facebook page (Digital by Design), our blog  (, website (,  follow us on Twitter @DigitlbyDesign or simply email us at Alternatively, let us take your Timeline troubles off your hands entirely and woo you with our incredible app development and social media skills. Visit to see what we can do for you!   




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Public Relations; an aspect of business that all companies need and greatly rely on. But with the internet came a new set of rules and systems, many of which are completely indecipherable to companies that haven’t had a chance to keep up with the constantly-changing world of digital. We at Digital by Design are giving you the opportunity to fill in the missing pieces and learn more about handling PR online and why using a professional to do so is the best thing for your company.

Public relations has always been about communication; communicating with your current client, communicating with your target market, communicating your company’s brand and ideals and ensuring that your clients and target market have a way to communicate with you. The internet has not changed these basic principles – it’s just changed the way they’re handled. In fact, the internet has provided companies and clients alike with more efficient, faster and easier ways to communicate with the added bonus of being extremely effective. Wanting information to go ‘viral’ isn’t something that only your teenage daughter should be concerned about – once information on your company goes viral, the reach of your message increases exponentially. That’s the point of creating content designed to hit the internet with not just a splash but a wave.


See your message spread like wildfire. The internet is a big place – it takes experience and a certain finesse to effectively communicate within it. Your online activity shouldn’t feel like throwing updates into an abyss. It is possible to see results and good ones if you handle your online presence correctly.


Not only should your online activity yield results, it should stay true to the ideals and brand characteristics that your company first began with. Becoming fully integrated with the 21st century doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your company’s traditional values – in fact, it can mean emphasising them to your target market.

Public Relations companies know who would be interested in your company and its goings on and we can ensure that what you have to say reaches the ears it should. Ensure that people who care about your brand hear about it. What better way to promote yourselves than through people that are truly passionate about what you do?


Expand your target market. The online world is filled with many different people – don’t see this as a hurdle to overcome. In fact, this is an opportunity for the word about your company to reach an even greater audience without employing more sales people, opening up a new branch or physically expanding your employees – it’s simply about smart internet involvement.

With all the benefits the online world is offering your public relations, it’s difficult to know where to begin, what to say, how to say it and who you should say it to. Tone, mediums, platforms and online audience may seem like a mouthful but they’re crucial to the success of your online involvement. Though Digital PR can be effective and make a big difference to your company, it needs a knowledgeable hand to direct it and craft it into the final product.

Digital by Design has conveniently written an eBook for you and your company, explaining the pro’s of online public relations, the aspects of the whole package and the basics of the art. Not only is it available online to read at your convenience here,  we are also offering regular, hour-long complimentary seminars once a month, at our offices to get you more comfortable with all there is to know. Ask the questions that you feel need answering and we’ll do just that. If there’s something that you still don’t understand, we can explain it to you in a way that you will. Really grasp what digital PR is and begin to see the bigger picture when it comes to using the internet for your company’s professional advancement.

The internet is a big world but it’s not a mystery anymore. Use it the way it was meant to be used and reap the rewards of a business invested in their online future. Embrace digital – we here at Digital by Design certainly do.

To learn more about the world of Digital PR and how to reach millions more readers, start reading our monthly DbyD eBook series:,  “Like” our Facebook page (Digital by Design), blog  (, website (,  follow us on Twitter @DigitlbyDesign or come join us for a drink at our monthly social media networking evening talks! We’d love to meet you!

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Plus – The New Addition to the Google Family

If you haven’t got one yet what the bagoogles are you waiting for? You need to get your Google+ strategy in motion, like, yesterday! Here’s why:

While Facebook’s growth has slowed to a comfortable 800 million users, Google Plus (launched in June 2011) already has over 90 million users! This number is set to soar to 400 million by December 2012 with an average of 625 new users per day! The +1 button (used to share blog posts and images on Google+) is served 5 billion times a day!

Just another example of the power social media holds; but Google+ is not expected to replace any other social media platform. While Facebook will remain the more playful of the lot, and Twitter the news centre, Google+ has already matured into a focused, driven, business oriented base that has ‘Daddy’ Google to overlook its petty mistakes and take it to the top of the social media food chain.

Some might call it monopolisation and Google isn’t denying anything. Instead they’ve launched what’s called Search Plus Your World which will (when it takes effect beyond the US) change the way Google Search works entirely. You can literally kiss SEO and keyword articles goodbye in the not so distant future when Google+ profiles and pages will outrank any other content.

As the largest search engine with billions of users (and even more searches per day) they are basically forcing marketers to use Google+ in order for them to make sure their search results are good. No, your blog isn’t going to get you to the top of the page any longer, and Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter profiles will now always place lower down.

One great feature of Search Plus Your World is a side box that advertises Google+ pages and profiles relevant to your search. That means you get coverage even though you weren’t particularly searched for – no more pay per click advertising necessary! Imagine if you could feature under the search results of a broad search like ‘design’ or ‘digital solutions’ – To give Google credit, they’ve quite outdone themselves here.  The boxes have a sneaky link underneath them saying “Learn how you can appear here, too”.

Where is the Internet headed and how much of it will really change? When will this change happen? Whatever it is, however it comes, we at Digital by Design will embrace it, learn it, and relay it back to you without the technical jargon and with the right intentions and mindset.

For now though, let’s all take heed and go get plus-oned!

Learn more about the world of Google, Facebook and more, through our monthly DbyD eBook series: page (Digital by Design), blog  (, website (,  follow us on Twitter @DigitlbyDesign or come join us for a drink at our monthly social media networking evening talks! We’d love to meet you!



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